Hello, sports fans!

I’m gonna try and use this wiki to keep track of things, especially with regards to characters/people/places and the lore in the game. As Rise of the Runelords takes place in the core Pathfinder world, most of this information is all publicly available at the Pathfinder Wiki and/or the fan-run Wikia.

Please feel free to update/create pages of relevant content, upload images/maps/whatever, and link throughout the wiki. Ours is riseofthegoonlords.obsidianportal.com . Because this is a wiki, it is smart enough to link between pages that already exist and/or create new pages wherever you need one; just put whatever word or phrase you want a new page for between double square brackets and it will create the new page & add a link for you.

Should be exciting and hopefully this will be a useful resource. Looking forward to it!


Rise of the Goonlords

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